Wade Galt, CPCU, CLU, MS, CIC

  • Author of The 23 Reasons Most Agents Can't Work a 4-Day Work Week
  • Author of Put Your Money Where Your Soul Is
  • Founder of Insurance Agency Mastery
  • Developer of the SMART Bonus System
  • Creator of 80/20 Insurance Sales Mastery & The 200 Club


Multiline Expert Academy LIVE

Advanced Client Review Process Training for State Farm Insurance Agency Team Members Who Wish to Be Irreplaceable Multiline Advisors

Producers Learn to MASTER 4 Critical Multiline Sales Conversations & Tools in 2 Days

MASTER 4 Conversations in 2 Days


  • Live 2-Day Workshop to Master the Conversations
  • 12 "Practice" (Role Play) Exercises at Event
  • Related Sales Calculator Tools
  • Workshop Binder with Forms & Exercises
  • 12-Module Online Sales Coaching Program
  • Editable Word-Tracks and Call Scripts
  • Tools, Templates & Trackers
  • All Presentation Slides & Related Forms
  • "80/20" Filter Questionnaires (500)
  • 12 Monthly Follow-Up Group Coaching Calls


DAY 1 AGENDA   (9 am - 4 pm)

  • The 80-20 Client Filter (Multiline Questionnaire)
  • Getting Clients to Complete the Questionnaire
  • The Serve, Serve, Serve, Sell Model
  • Marketing the Questionnaire by Phone, Mail & Email
  • Generating Qualified Leads with Linked-In & Facebook
  • Hourly "Practice" (Role Play) Conversations

DAY 2 AGENDA   (9 am - 3 pm)

  • The Discount & Duplication Review Process
  • The Money Finder Conversation
  • Earning Referrals by Being Irreplaceable
  • Attracting Clients Who Want a Trusted Advisor
  • The Family & Income Protection Review
  • Hourly "Practice" (Role Play) Conversations


These participants did the coaching program alone, as we did not offer the live event at the time.

Marilyn Lewis Marilyn Lewis, Agency Owner & Producer

My team and I have been working with Wade for several months and December 2011 was our best month all year and probably for several yearsHis concepts are very solid and my team gets it.

Christina Ceballos Christina Ceballos, Agency Owner & Producer

Thank you - my staff & I have completed the needs analysis on both life & disability - 6 more policies will be written from the first exercise alone!!! Now we're beginning to ask 5 people per day per staff = 15/day or 75/ week! I really like that it keeps sales at the forefront and keeps us focused.

Compared to the same time last year – my numbers for life sales this year doubled and I attribute that to the confidence derived from this course.

Robin Williams, Team Member Producer

If we did this all the time, we'd double our sales.

Linda Huber, Team Member Producer
Mike Pynnonen Mike Pynnonen, Sales Team Member

I am very excited about the class and how it has re-energized me to promote life products. What I really enjoy about your philosophy is that you do not try and force products on people…you simply have the conversation, which initiates thought, which in turn leads to sales. Your approach creates a non threatening feeling in your client, which I really like.

Sylvia Rusche Sylvia Rusche, Agency Owner & Producer

I do think your classes separate the "men from the boys" in this business and that's a good thing. When it becomes uncomfortably apparent that the sale of life insurance is required to do a complete and ethical job for the client, a staff person who had not bought into that philosophy will many times self discover that this is not the right career path for him/her.

The program has been great. They are Multilining each client more than ever. Applications are up and of course at the end of the day this means income will be up as well. This is just the program the CSRs need. This program is well worth both the time and money invested.

Robert Crain, Insurancce Agency Owner

This program has really opened my eyes to how much we can really help people... given me a better perspective into my own needs...  given me some great word tracks... and is helping me gain confidence. I have sold more health due to the ideas that I learned from this program.

Ed Barnett, Team Member Producer

Wade’s lifetime experience in Bloomington, working in an Agent’s office and as an outside Consultant brings a real world perspective to the our selling process …he gets it!
· His sense of humor keeps training interesting & enjoyable.
· Wade listens to his customers intently and always acknowledges their point of view.
· His case study and role play approach helps the staff refine their natural customer message which leads to immediate and significant sales results.
· He is the most accessible Consultant I’ve ever worked with, always just a phone call or email away when you need him.
· Wade checks his ego at the door, he is constantly updating and improving his message and tools to incorporate good ideas from his customers.
· His understanding of each staff members role and their unique individual backgrounds helps facilitate team building within the office throughout the training process.
· His services are invaluable to our agency and to my personal development.

Patrick Tatro, Team Member Producer


Chicago, IL - March 29th-30th at the Courtyard Marriott (Chicago O'Hare Airport)   (Map)


100% Money-Back Guarantee for ANY Reason within 7 Days of Workshop Completion

Have questions? Email us at or call 239-465-0230. Thank you.

Wade Galt, CPCU, CLU, MS, CIC

Author of The 23 Reasons Most Agents Can't Work a 4-Day Work Week
Author of Put Your Money Where Your Soul Is
Founder of Insurance Agency Mastery
Developer of the SMART Bonus System
Creator of 80/20 Insurance Sales Mastery & The 200 Club


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